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This week, we headed south to hit up the Duanesburg Diner, aptly named after the town it’s located in. After a long stretch of highway, this place was easy to find, and the parking lot was spacious.



Extremely spacious parking lot, a welcome sight for travelers and truckers.IMG_20170226_120054

We walked in and were seated almost immediately, at a booth right next to a window. There were walls covered with photos of patrons over the years, which made the whole place feel very welcoming and family-friendly. It’s a not-so-subtle way of a diner showing their gratitude for their community and friends.



The waitress gave us our menus, and noted the daily specials on the boards above the counter. The food and beverage was typical of diner fare, for all three meals they serve – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We ordered our usual coffee and water to sip while we perused the menus, which had average prices for a diner, funny clip art, and advertising from local businesses. We place our orders, and while we waited, took a couple photos of the long counter with some of the most unique stools we’ve seen. They were probably just as uncomfortable as the rigid booth we sat in, but that didn’t deter regulars and new patrons from stopping in and enjoying a meal. The booths were roomy and the tables were at the perfect height, which definitely added to the family-friendliness of this diner.



We tried the water, which tasted ever so slightly like the tap but had a decent flavor otherwise, and give it a 4 out of 5 –no lemon needed! The coffee, a 3 out of 5, left a burnt aftertaste in our mouths, but overall was smooth and dark. The waitress, an attentive ninja, refilled our coffees a couple times without us even noticing. We each ordered an omelette with home fries and wheat toast. It didn’t take too long to get our meals–15 minutes, tops–and we snapped a shot before we dug in.


I ordered a mushroom, onion and Swiss omelette (top), and Matt got an omelette with peppers, onions, and Swiss. The food was good, nothing excellent but tasty enough for a high 3 out of 5. The service was great! Definitely a 5 out of 5. We didn’t have to ask for anything more than once and got refills on everything very quickly.

The bill at the end was handwritten, and there was a minimum of $10 for credit cards. At the register, which was oddly placed at the end of the two rows of booth, you could buy Duanesburg Diner merch, like hats, mugs, and t-shirts. We thought for a moment about getting a mug or something, but then we’d have to start getting it at every diner we went to, and our weekly reviews would cost us a hell of a lot more. We also noticed that there were candy bars at the register for sale…not for a cause or a fundraiser, just for funsies.

The Duanesburg Diner boasts great family food for average diner prices in a restaurant setting. The dinerness rating for this place is low, a 2 out of 5. There was hardly any chrome to speak of, and I didn’t have to look at myself in thirty million mirrors on walls and ceilings, like I do at other diners. We had a good experience overall, and would recommend this place if you happen to find yourself on a long stretch of highway in western Schenectady County, New York.

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