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IMG_3372In the hamlet of Keene Valley, NY is the celebrated and revered Noon Mark Diner, named after the old Noonmark Farm that operated in the area until the 1940s. The diner is a hotspot for hikers, tourists, fishermen and mountain climbers.

In addition to homemade pies, breads, muffins, donuts and more, the Noon Mark boasts the most beautiful view of any diner we’ve happened upon thus far. See Figure 3.2 


Figure 3.2 – The view from Noon Mark Diner.

20150308_103048We walked in and there was no wait to sit down. Our waitress sat us in a dark corner at a table marked #13, and asked us what we wanted to drink. We went for the classic coffee and a water, and while we waited, noted that the booths weren’t super comfortable but we had lots of privacy in our nook, which was nice. We perused the menu and discovered the vast array of gluten free options, which was very different from the majority of diners we’ve been to. Noon Mark has gluten free pancakes and waffles, plus some other selections as well.

The coffee was not that great, we rated it a 2 out of 5 since it tasted watery and needed more than a little sugar and cream to be palatable. The water, however, was the most perfect water we’ve ever had at a diner, and we’re rating it a 5. It was glacial and pure.

We both started with a homemade muffin; I ordered blueberry and Matt got the corn maple. They were dense and sweet, definitely delicious but hard to finish because they were so filling. I opted to only eat half because I was happily awaiting my mushroom and cheese omelet, while Matt ordered the breakfast wrap (sausage, egg and cheddar) with an English muffin and corned beef hash. Matt asked for his muffin to be grilled and buttered; the waitress brought it out grilled but without butter. It did come with some homemade strawberry jelly on the side, though, which was spectacular.



After the Muffin Course, our breakfast arrived and, to our dismay, was not as good as the baked goods. The toast was stellar, being made on-site, but the mushrooms in my omelet tasted funky and old (and not in a good way, like this guy), and the sausage was extremely salty. Matt’s breakfast wrap and hash tasted like fast food, though the homemade English muffin was delicious. It lacked the nooks and crannies of Thomas’ English muffins, but probably because the baking process was different. It seems that the Noon Mark Diner would have been better advertised and set up as a bakery with a diner inside, rather than the opposite. Noon Mark is, after all, famous for its homemade pies, which you can order ahead of time or pick one up on your way out, as some patrons did when we were there.





The service was a 3 out of 5–the waitress was friendly and helpful, but could have been more attentive. The dinerness of the place is a 2 out of 5; there is no chrome, no mirrors, no desserts in a display case…unless you count this:


I don’t count this. You probably shouldn’t either.



That being said, if we were to go back to the Noon Mark, we’d get only homemade bread and desserts and call it a day. The pies sounded great and the availability of gluten free options and beautiful view make Noon Mark a standout among diners. If you’ve been to the Noon Mark, or have suggestions of where we should go next, leave a comment below. Or, you can always visit us on our facebook page. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of our photos from our journey through Keene, NY!