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FullSizeRender (10)We went to Hudson, NY for the CSA Fair this morning (which was stellar, by the way), and Googled diners in the area afterwards. The best-sounding one was Fairview Diner & Bakery, named after the street it’s on and the quality of the surrounding area. It’s located in an old plaza called Columbia Center that also plays host to Goodwill, MoviePlex, Staples, America’s Best Eyeglasses and a few abandoned storefronts. We nearly drove by the Fairview Diner because it used to be a Wendy’s, and the new owners made no attempt whatsoever to update the exterior… or, it turns out, the interior.


Yup, that’s a Wendy’s.

Here are some more shots of the exterior, because it’s too hilarious not to share:




IMG_4762They had a “Fast Lane,” or rather, Drive Thru, where you could call your order ahead and go through to pick it up. All you have to do is drive up and press this mangled-looking button they had rigged up to the old speaker to let them know you were there.

So we went inside to scope out the breakfast and lunch buffet; as sad as it looked, we’ve made a commitment to do this “new diner every week” thing, and sometimes life hands you lemons and there’s no way to make lemonade. The music playing in the background was the best of The Bangles or something like that, and the waitstaff were polite–we’re rating service a 4 overall.  Matt and I got the breakfast buffet while Matt’s friend got a couple eggs and toast. We also ordered waters and coffees.


It was not coffee flavored coffee, I can tell you that much.

The water was a 4 and the coffee was a 1, as it was watered down and tasted like burning. The booths were comfortable, like Wendy’s booths are, and the tables were clean and uniform in style.

FullSizeRender (9)After getting our coffees and waters, Matt and I grabbed some plates and carefully read the buffet rules they had posted:


IMG_3266We had higher hopes for the food, but it seemed the only palatable items were the hash brown potatoes, country potatoes covered in rosemary, and French toast. Matt’s friend ordered some eggs that were actually cooked pretty well but not super tasty, and the toast was…well…toast. So that’s a plus. At the buffet, they also had a bland veggie omelet that was replete with veggies but not much omelet or flavor, and the bacon was crumbly and overcooked. The sausage was burned at the ends but cooked nicely in the middle, and the pancake and waffle bits looked promising. Also featured on the buffet was oatmeal, scrambled eggs, syrup, biscuits and sausage gravy. Imagine all of those in quotation marks because I’m sure none of the ingredients were natural.






It’s a dessert display case, I guess, so they have that going for them, which is nice.


Just say no to drugs. And the soup.


Overall, the food was a 2. It was bland, and tasted like the food you’d get at Denny’s without the quality control you’d find at Denny’s. Here’s a haiku I’ve written about their food in case you’re into that sort of thing…

Fairview Diner food.

It sits in your belly like

unending sadness.

Across from the Fairview Diner is a Taco Bell/Long John Silver’s combo, and I hear they serve weird taco-y breakfasts at Taco Bell now, so just go there instead. Here is a photo that I will leave you with, which sums up our experience at the Fairview Diner. Cross your fingers for us for next weekend.