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Hundreds of years ago, people packed up their belongings and headed out west in the name of exploration and finding new places to stake their claim. Today, we headed northeast with a slightly different goal: find a new diner.IMG_3160
We ended up in Schaghticoke, NY at the Schag-A-Val Diner, across from a Stewart’s on a small-town-busy road. It counts as a diner because it’s got “Diner” in the name, but it seems that the diner part of the restaurant was an afterthought of a pizzeria. The interior looks like a pizza place (which it is in the afternoon/evening), but there are no booths, just four top tables and a counter. We had never been to Schaghticoke, and it turns out that during the winter it’s a snowmobiling town.


We sat down at a table, and one of the two waitresses took our order. We both got coffee and water, as per usual. The water was a 4; the coffee was a 3–it tasted a bit watered down and weak, but not burnt. I ordered a broccoli omelette with home fries and sausage patties. Matt ordered a grilled corn muffin, a breakfast sandwich and corned beef hash. While waiting for our food, we took in the decor of the place some more, which seemed a bit tacky, like we were in an Applebee’s. There are a lot of black and white framed photos of the town on the walls and plenty of faux vintage signs, like the pan-shaped one that said “Breakfast served all day” even though the menu says breakfast is only served until 2pm.

The waitress brought us our food pretty quickly, and was extremely polite and helpful.IMG_3153 We’re rating the service a 4. The food, however, was mostly tasteless. The omelette was bland, and the sausage tasted like it had been in the freezer too long. The corn muffin was tasty, but the breakfast sandwich and corned beef hash were not. Perhaps the only redeeming portion of my plate was the home fries, which were well cooked if still a bit bland. Overall, we’re rating the food a 2. It was a letdown for sure. But I bet their pizza is good?

We’re rating the dinerness of Schag-A-Val a 1, which is probably IMG_3163the lowest dinerness rating thus far. There were no mirrors scattered around the place, no chrome (except on the stools at the counter), no waitresses that looked like they’d been working there for eons, and no general diner feeling to the place. Definitely an afterthought of a pizzeria.

We wouldn’t recommend the Schag-A-Val to you, but if you’re in the area and hungry, there may be other diners that we just didn’t see. Or at least there’s a Stewart’s across the street that’s definitely got better breakfast sandwiches and coffee if you’ve got a hankerin’ after a long morning of snowmobiling.

IMG_3161(One thing we haven’t seen before: advertising on the mugs. High five on your advertising game Schag-A-Val, and getting your mugs paid for many times over.)