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This past Sunday, we went to the Halfmoon Diner at the border of Clifton Park, right across from a spectacular grouping of gas stations. I’m only writing about it now, on a Wednesday night, because procrastination.

IMG_3068It was raining when we got there, and in hindsight, that was foreshadowing.

There were boatloads of people waiting in line, but we were told the wait would only be 5-10 minutes, and that prediction, made by their lovely host, was spot on. While we were waiting, however, a particular waitress with a particular pot of coffee kept walking back and forth, passing us numerous times and each time getting more and more frustrated that we didn’t immediately part like the Red Sea for her. As we were being led to our table by the host, this waitress walked by again and actually put her arm out to push me out of the way before she realized I was walkingIMG_3060 to a table. Blatant foreshadowing.

We sat down at a comfortable booth by the window, which gave us a beautiful view of cars getting rained on. The diner was warm, and full of families and older couples that looked as though they went there every Sunday after church. We were handed a double-sided breakfast menu with typical diner selections, like omelets, eggs any way you like, french toast, corned beef hash and pancakes. We weren’t super hungry, so we went with eggs, sausage and bacon. And of course, water and coffee.

The water was surprisingly good–weIMG_3061 argued whether it should be a 4 or a 5, but landed on a 4 after lengthy debate. The coffee tasted like burning and gets a 1 out of 5. I would have given it a 0, but I think it was actually coffee at some point so I have to give it at least a 1.

The food was decent. Some of the better sausage I’ve had, and the bacon was cooked perfectly. The eggs were flavorless; even salt and pepper couldn’t save them. I asked for them “over medium” and they were exactly how I wanted them, it was just too bad they didn’t have any flavor. Overall, we rated the food a 3.


IMG_3064The service overall was a 2. The waitress was quick to take our order and quick to bring out our food, but only returned to our table to bring us the check. She never stopped to ask if everything was ok or if we needed anything else, not even when she brought the check. We weren’t dawdling or taking forever to leave, I had literally just finished my eggs when a waitress walked by our table and loudly said to another waitress, “Wow, there are SO MANY PEOPLE WAITING out there, it’s ridiculous!” as if she had wanted patrons to overhear and leave already. It seems the Halfmoon Diner is more intent on quick patron turnover and rapid dissemination of burned coffee than good service or quality food.

All that being said, we’re rating the Halfmoon Diner a 4 in dinerness for many reasons. There were desserts in a large display case. Mirrors and chrome were everywhere, even on the ceiling (no champagne on ice, though). There was ample counter seating available, and a solid color theme incorporated into the rugs, booths and tables. Halfmoon Diner has its decor game on lock.


We’re not recommending the Halfmoon Diner to anyone, and would love to hear from you if you’ve been there and had a stellar experience… or really, any experience! Comment on our blog or join the conversation on Facebook by liking the Traveling Brunch page.