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IMG_8563.JPGThe Blue Ribbon Restaurant is located in Schenectady, NY. It’s one of those places you’ve probably driven past a million times if you live or work in the area, but might not have ever bothered to go into. And you’re wrong.

Let me start by saying it has the best water and coffee we’ve had yet at a diner… and that’s no IMG_2928easy feat. There was no “I’ve sat on the burner too long and now I’m burned to hell” taste, it was just simple, fabulous coffee. The way coffee should be. The way they made it in the olden days. Except better than the olden days because we had our choice of sugar and imitation sugars to choose from. This is why we’re rating the coffee and water at Blue Ribbon a 5 out of 5. Read it and weep, other diners!


IMG_8566.JPGMoving on: the booths were quite comfortable, and the height of the table was incredible. I’m talking elbows up and not having to hunch over… that’s pretty rare these days. AND there were coat hooks on most of the booths. No more wondering where to cram my coat, I could hang it up and keep an eye on it if I had chosen to do so. Desserts are baked on premises at the Blue Ribbon and displayed in a lovely glass case to entice people who mistakenly claim they have no room left for dessert. (I swear, that’s how they get you every time.) There’s plenty of comfortable-looking counter seating at Blue Ribbon, I mean, if that’s what you’re into.

IMG_2929Since we had gotten a later start to our day, having gotten back from the Manhattan area at 3 in the morning this particular Sunday, we both ended up ordering lunch. I got a turkey club, and Matt also got a turkey club. Isn’t it extraordinarily romantic when two people have turkey club in common? They were pretty great, and the fries were tasty delicious. Matt hates pickles so he doesn’t get to comment on them, but I like pickles and I would give them a 4 out of 5.  Side note, cole slaw at the Blue Ribbon is stellar.

Overall, we’re rating the Blue Ribbon a 3 out of 5 on “dinerness” because it looked nothing like an old dining car, nor was there a waitress named Flo or Lulu. Then again, it’s called the Blue Ribbon Restaurant and Bakery and never makes any mention of being a diner, so it’s not a case of false advertising. We’re just bending the word “restaurant” to our will in this situation.

Pricing is average and they take both cash and credit. If you haven’t been to the Blue Ribbon yet, you’re missing out and need to take advantage of how outrageously good their coffee is. The food is fabulous, the service is great and it’s got a great atmosphere.