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After missing last week, we went today to the Wolf Road Diner in Albany, NY. Named after the road it’s located on, this diner was more of a restaurant than a typical diner, as you can see from the above photo. But I’ll get to our rating of the “dinerness” later.

The booths sat 2 nicely and were pretty comfortable, but the room temperature was not; it was incredibly hot, which is fine if you’re 80, but us young whippersnappers were overheating. I felt like I needed a nap.

IMG_2909I know you’re on the edge of your seat about water and coffee, so I’ll give you those review stats now. Both were a 3 out of 5.  We rated the service a 2 out of 5; the waitress was friendly but once she brought our food out, we didn’t see her again. I think she may have retired or something halfway through our meal. She only came once more to the table, to bring us the check. The speed of food delivery was average based on previous dining experience at other diners.

Now for the food. It just wasn’t what we were hoping for…the eggs tasted like the cardboard they came in and the sausage I ordered tasted old. Their toast and bagel game is on point, though, especially if you spread some Smucker’s jelly (or is it jello? it looks like jello) on it. You kIMG_2913now, the ones that come in those little packages? Those are stellar.  IMG_2911 IMG_2912

Ok, so let’s talk about the overall dinerness of Wolf Road Diner. Desserts are seemingly ‘baked on premises,’ as with most other diners, but their display case was lackluster and covered in wolf memorabilia. The place also looked more like a restaurant than anything, even with 10+ seats at the counter that looked more comfortable than any counter seating we’ve seen before. We’re rating overall dinerness a 2 out of 5. They accept cash AND credit, which is a major plus, especially after some of our recent cash-only incidents. The pricing was average, we spent about $25 on two specials that come with coffee and juice, which was a nice plus. Wolf Road Diner is rockin’ some mighty fine Mott’s apple juice.

All in all, Wolf Road Diner is the perfect place if you’ve got a hankering for toast, a bagel or some apple juice, but if you’re craving a fantastic coffee drink or fabulous muffin, hop across the way to Professor Java’s.