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IMG_2848Last Sunday, we journeyed to the not-so-distant land of Scotia, NY for the accurately titled Scotia Diner. Word on the street is that a guy who looks like Elvis hangs out there, but he eluded us this time. However, there was a ton of Elvis memorabilia so I wasn’t entirely disappointed. The place was full of families that looked like they went there every Sunday after church.

There was an ancient man working the register who was sweet as could be, and our waitress introduced herself as LuLu, so this place instantly got a 5 out of 5 on the “Dinerness” scale, regardless of anything that IMG_2844happened after that.  Lulu rattled off the list of specials like she was naming all her grandkids; she didn’t even skip a beat between the numerous awesome-sounding plates. Oh, and there were paper placemats, which made us both happy to see. We sat in a booth, and though the table height was fantastic, there was a ton of room between the seat and the table, which made us both feel a bit off. Is that a weird thing to be picky about? Maybe. Do I feel bad mentioning it? Maybe.

We got waters and coffees, both of which were alright, earning a 3 out of 5.


Looking around, we saw that desserts were baked on premises and in a flashy cool-looking display case that has definitely rivaled the display case of any diner we’ve been to, based purely on the shape of it. The desserts inside looked typical and the dessert menu was actually on the napkin dispenser on each table, which I thought was pretty crafty. Never saw that before.

For food, I ordered an omelet (surprising no one, not even LuLu), and Matt got something called the Hobo Deluxe special, which sounded like some otherworldly heaven of hash brown potatoes, eggs, three different meats, cheddar cheese and sausage gravy. It made our arteries ache just thinking about it.

And now,  pictures of our food:

IMG_2847 IMG_2846

About 5 minutes into eating, Matt found a long black hair in his mass of deliciousness. LuLu came over and asked how the food was, and when Matt told her what happened, she apologized profusely and got a new one from the kitchen for him, which was nice… but you know, it just wasn’t the same. I wish they had taken it completely off the bill, but at least they made him a whole new one.

IMG_2843 IMG_2842  IMG_2839


Overall, a decent dining experience and good-tasting food, but the hair thing kind of ruined it for us. I wouldn’t be going back there anytime soon, but that’s because there are so many more diners to explore. Where will we go next weekend? Who knows… stay tuned to find out! And if you have any suggestions of the best funky fresh diner to visit in the Capital Region/Upstate NY area, let us know in the comments.