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IMG_2792Two weekends ago, we ended up at the Skyport Restaurant on Freeman’s Bridge Road in Scotia, NY. Actually, depending on what you type into the Google search bar, it’s either in Scotia, Schenectady or Glenville, so who knows where we were.

Instead of sitting at a table like the civilized folks, we decided to sit at the counter, which had a weird beveled edge that I dwelled on mentally for far too long. The stools at the counter were as comfortable as a stool can be. I hate sitting on a stool because they tend to give me instant sciatica, but that comes with the territory I guess. The prices on the menu looked decent, very low compared to other diners we’ve been to. Speaking of the menu, the hand-drawn picture on the front of the menu was really odd:

IMG_2780We asked the (one) waitress what the meaning of the image was, and she said “I’ll give you a book that explains everything.” She handed us a copy of a Guinness Book of World Records, and we opened to a page about the fish that used to live at Skyport, on the counter. Apparently the fish’s swim bladder was damaged, so the patrons of Skyport rigged up an apparatus out of straws and other items to keep it afloat and swimming.

IMG_2782So anyway, the coffee was decent (rated a 3 out of 5) but the water was terrible (rated a 2 out of 5), I don’t think even a lemon would have saved it. Unfortunately, there were imitation imitation sugars here, a pink packed called ‘Sweet Plus’ and some other crap. But even that didn’t make the coffee spectacular. The service was great, we’re rating it a 4 out of 5. It’s important to note that Skyport is another cash only place; thankfully, after our experience at Gibby’s, we now know to pay attention to those “cash only” signs when we see them instead of subconsciously ignoring them.

The food was sort of sub-par and not very memorable. We rated it a 2 out of 5 – I ordered a broccoli and cheese omelet and it was ok, but not as good as I had hoped.



For overall Dinerness (yes, I’ve committed to that word now), we’re rating it a 3 out of 5. It didn’t look like an old dining car, but it did stick to its theme of being an airport sort of deal, there was a giant propeller on the wall and some memorabilia that I can’t quite remember at this moment.


Here’s a final glamour shot of the interior/kitchen area. Interesting layout for a diner but definitely a unique one.